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Dark Side Of The Moon - Limited Edition Prints. From £120 to

£145.00 - £450.00
Dark Side Of The Moon - Limited Edition Prints. From £120 to

Highly detailed giclée limited edition prints of the pen and ink illustration 'Dark Side Of The Moon' by CJP, featuring an orbiting NASA Apollo command module.

At first glance, 'Dark Side of the Moon' is ostensibly an homage to the NASA Apollo missions, but also illustrates man's unquenchable curiosity and our endeavour to explore the undiscovered. It also captures a moment of total tranquility and utter solitude, as a human being passes into radio silence behind the moon, alone in the blackness of space, over 238,855 miles from home.

The title being the same as that of Pink Floyd’s album and the recent revelation that Apollo 10 astronauts reported hearing a kind of “music” on the 'blind' side add's a touch of irony and an extra dimension to the image.

Credit to NASA, the Apollo space programme and the astronauts who ventured into deep space, and particularly those who remained on the Command Modules awaiting the return of their colleagues from the surface of the moon.

Giclée print on acid free archival Somerset Rag 308gsm, made from 100% cotton fibre using a traditional mould machine.

Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The prints have a white border.

Each Special Edition AP print has a bespoke tiny, hand drawn Apollo moon lander lunar module drawn in descent on a different place over the moon. Only the purchasers will have the joy of finding it.

Size options:
Large 90cm x 90cm, edition of 40 - £395
Medium size 60cm x 60cm, edition of 50 - £225
Small size 42cm x 42cm, edition of 100 - £145

(Large 90cm x 90cm, hand finished Artist Proof. Edition of 20 - £450 SOLD OUT)

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